Cooked wine must or "Vincotto"
Origin and information card
A traditional agroindustrial product from Apulia produced by Industria Alimentare Da.Vi.Ol. S.a.s.

"Vincotto" is produced only from the juice of pressed fresh grapes. The juice is cooked in the traditional slow cooking until it gets the density of about (mv) 1,3300 corresponding to 36° bè or 66° Brix. The alternative way of cooking the wine concentrated must it is to boil it in boilers on direct fire.

It is composed of grapes sugar only with no alcohol or other kinds of additives.

Brick red if produced from black grapes (Sangiovese, Lambrusco, Barbera, Montepulciano); yellow/brown with golden reflections if produced from white grapes (Trebbiano, Malvasia).

Intense taste e smell, a very sweet taste, a light bitter aftertaste depending on the years and the grapes.

It is traditionally used in the area of "Tavoliere dauno" (North of Apulia) for the preparation of Christmas cookies. At the moment it is very popular in Japan and in the States as an excellent flavouring for meat, cheese, ice acream, pastry making and it can replace aromatic vinegar.

The original "Vincotto" improves its quality in time and it must to be kept in a dry place so that it can be used even after many years. However, we advice to use it by 18 months after the packing.

Place and date of production
From the beginning of September to December in the apulian provinces of Foggia and Bari. Only the final product obtained according to the above mentioned method can be defined on the label as "cooked wine must or Vincotto" since it is one of the traditional agroindustrial italian products. The production is controlled according to the DL 173/98 and the DM 350/99 as it has been gazetted by Italian Republic on the issue n. 130 dated 18/07/2000.