Declaration on the work method

1) Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the exclusive cold pressing of some varities of typical olives from our area (Coratina and Ogliarola, mostly), by using oil-presses which are made of pure granite coming from the Alps. Olives are preserved in special aired containers and their time of preservation doesn't exceed 48 hours, so as to avoid the deterioration of row material and consequential increasing of acidity and the possibility of acquiring possible flaws in the end product.
Moreover, to preserve the obtained Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we use stone tanks (the stone is from Trani) which guarantee the preservation of the product around 15°, preserving it from possible raising or drops in external temperature (thermic shock). These are factors which negatively influence the fine preservation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2) To guarantee a better preservation of the product, also during the marketing of it, because we can't suppose an average time of permanence of the product in the glass container, we have decided to make use of glass type "Half white", a tipe of glass which is too expensive and heavy. This glass is able to deaden the force of external agents coming from exposure of the product to sunlight for a long time and it allows to admire to whole naturalness of the colour of the product too.
Alternatively, we can use dark bottles type "Bordolese" but in this case the view of natural colour of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sacrified.

3) The whole procession of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as the whole range of our products, happens without any additives.

4) Our firm is Da.Vi.Ol S.a.s., Damiani Vinicola Olearia, and has its head office and its product change factories in Trinitapoli (Foggia) on Via San Gaetano n. 20.

5) The area where we operate is called "Il basso Tavoliere" or "Valle dell'Ofanto" too. It is always aimed at the production of valued oil, as well as the production of wine and artichoke. This area is rich in water and in interesting productions. It is excellently linked by land, by sea and by air.