The limited partnership Da.Vi.Ol. S.a.s. originates from the old partnership "Damiani brothers", established at the beginning of 1900 in Trinitapoli, centre of the low tableland of Ofanto valley.
This area commercially lies in good position thanks to the high production of raw materials such as wine-grapes, oil olives and table olives, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes and various vegetables, which concern the working and trasformation cycles of the food industry Da.Vi.Ol.

The following statistical data are very interesting:
- wine grape produced in this area about 1.800.000 ital. ql.;
- oil olives about 200.000 ital. ql.;
- table olives about 10.000 ital. ql.;
- artichokes for industry about 18 millions.

The connections with the home market are very good. Trinitapoli is seat of an important railway-call and the speedway's house of Cerignola e Barletta are easily reachable. Furthermore the closeness to the seaport of Barletta and Manfredonia as well as to the airport of Foggia and Bari-Palese connects Trinitapoli to the whole continent.

Today the Da.Vi.Ol. transforms the bought products in the factory of Via San gaetano n. 20. The good partnership's reputation as well as the best relations with clients and suppliers, a secular presence in this field have drawn the present manager's attention towards middle/high consumers. The high quality products, packed by Da.Vi.Ol., are traded under the registered trade marks "only for the best fine palates". It is to be wished that, the next recognition of the Daunia Doc Extra Virgin Olive Oil, according to the law 169/92, definitively sets the right value on its own products.

Some data are reported as following:
- factory seat: Via San gaetano, 20 - Trinitapoli (Fg);
- field: wine industry, oil industry, transformation industry of agricoltural products, concentrated most industry;
- main products: most, grape juice, concentrated most, table wine; tinned extra virgin olive oil to 5 lt or gallon, jar from 0,500 ital. lt to 5 ital. lt, present packing, in pec to 5 ital. lt; pickled or natural artichokes-hearts, ends and leaves of artichokes, tinned peppers from 3 ital. kg to 20 kg, various preserved in jars to 280 g e;
- main markets: Puglia, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Venezia, Lombardia;
- some clients: Corovin, San Gabriele Wine Industry, Zanzi Wine Industry, Polli brothers, La Valle brand, Istà, Rolli industry, Giacobazzi Grandi Vini, Molise Conserve Srl, Distercoop;
- suppliers: local farms and cooperative societies;
- employement: two managers, two employees, seven workers and some persons qualified in purchasing;
- production: two olive working processes, a traditional process and a continuos one, maximum potentiality 6 ital. ql. olives every 24 hours; two grape-working processes, maximum potentiality 6.000 ital. ql. every 24 hours; one artichokes-working process, maximum potentiality 2.200.000 pieces every 24 hours; one concentrated most-working processes, maximum potentiality 500 ital. ql. every 24 hours; a very efficient control quality laboratory;
- proceeds of sales: it is around 2 million of Euros;
- registered trade mark: "only for the best fine palates";
- Legal director: Dr. Mr. Bruno Damiani;
- Quality Director: Mrs. Rossella Mastropasqua.